‘The Murder of Norman Ware’ by Rosamund Kendal



[Published by Jacana Media (Pty) Ltd 2013]


‘The Murder of Norman Ware’ surpasses a traditional ‘whodunit’ in so many ways. Carefully piecing together a host of characters with direct or indirect involvement in the murder of an advocate, the book is seamlessly put together. And, furthermore, it is done without coming across as staggered or superficial, as is the risk in detailing so many different people in one story.

Over and above this, the story profiles a cross-section of South Africa, all relating back to the luxury San Le Mer estate in KwaZulu Natal. It is macabre and darkly humorous as the reader investigates the underbelly of this seemingly picture perfect place – one of people’s desire; the epitome of luxury and success.

‘The Murder of Norman Ware’ is clever, satirical, and witty in its construction, with all of the characters easily identifiable by, and relatable to, a South African audience. It is simultaneously poignant in the startling reality it portrays, albeit with a hue of comedy. This gripping, easy read comes highly recommended.


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