Guest blogger Jenetta Barry on her book, ‘Full-Circle Rainbow’

FCR - book cover
In 2005, Jenetta Barry lost her 16-year old daughter Jennifer, to suicide. This book initially covers that loss and subsequent grieving, but then moves through into the inspiring account of how Jenetta found that Jenny was resonating in new ways even though her 3-dimensional form had ‘left’. Through receiving sometimes blatant and at other times subtle interactions, Jenetta has been able to chronicle these special and meaningful happenings with Jenny in a way that opens up possibilities and gives hope to all those who have lost loved ones.

Foreword by Dr. Jane Greer – NY Therapist  – “Full-Circle Rainbow is a remarkable book about a remarkable love that continues to live on between mother and daughter through the grace and abundance of remarkable happenings”.

Customer Reviews :
Jessica Brown, Cape Town, South Africa
Jenetta’s raw honesty in this book gives her the freedom to really and truly go through the motions of the loss of her daughter.If you have had a loss of this kind this is a must read. It gives the reassurance that it is ok to go through one’s emotions no matter how terrible and come out on the other side far stronger. Thank you for sharing this with us Jenetta, it could not have been easy
Melanie Mitchell, Melbourne, Australia
Jenetta’s strength is so inspiring……..a wonderful book and a beautiful story,A great piece of work that I am sure will help many people
Sarika Butler, Johannesburg, South Africa
I received (Jenetta’s)  book and finished reading it in one day – I couldn’t put it down! Thank you for sharing this, it was amazing …
I am so glad and grateful to Jenetta for writing this book.
Kes Smith, Nairobi, Kenya
It is possibly the hardest thing in anyone’s life to lose your own child to suicide, even worse following an argument where you could potentially feel guilt to add to your pain. Jenetta has had to come through that on top of dealing with cancer, divorce, loss of her Father, the needs of her family and a whole career change with the challenge of making a new life for herself. Jenny will always be there as both the pain of loss and a joy of being, but in finding the tools to deal with it all, Jenetta has emerged a glowing, inspiring, loving person, whose work and being helps so many others. This book is full of powerful emotion, inspiration and so worth reading.
Suzi Davey, Durban, South Africa
I have finished your book and it gave me goosebumps.  I lost my father over 25 years ago and I often feel his presence….protecting and guiding me in life.  Also when we see butterflies…my kids comment how that is Grannie Audrey…my husband’s mom who died 7 years ago!  I also can relate to the numerology in your story ….countless accounts of serendipity and synchronicity!

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