The Misogynist by Piers Paul Read

The Misogynist image


Published 2011 by Bloomsbury UK (first published 2010)


I can imagine most people would need to be in the right frame of mind to read ‘The Misogynist.’ 

The book follows the story of Jomier as he deals with disheartenment and resentment at his wife’s extra-marital affair and their subsequent divorce. It is a dark satire that, at times, borders on a rant about society’s downfalls and the futility of human relationships. 

I can see why this book wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes, but loved it for its style and the sincerity of the character development; feeling almost sadistic in laughing at some of the protagonist’s musings and recollections. 

‘The Misogynist’ was always going to fall victim to mixed reviews but, personally, I consider it a victory by Piers Paul Read.


One thought on “The Misogynist by Piers Paul Read

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