The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars  image

[E-book. First published 2012]

Every now and then, I read a book of young adult fiction that makes me wish I was a teenager again (yes, even squabbling with the librarian over an age restricted book – something every reader can identify with). ‘The Fault in our Stars’ is one of those books. I wish I had known Augustus Waters. I wish I had known Hazel – we would have been great friends.

But this is so much more than a simple work of YA fiction. This is a book that tackles some real issues – with teenage cancer patients as its protagonists, it was always going to have a serious side. It is a book about life and death and the meaning we attribute to both; it is about love and friendship, overcoming hardships, and showing appreciation. It is a captivating, moving story that will make anyone who can love a book openly cry in a coffee shop whilst reading it. It is a very special book – one I believe everyone should read.

John Green is a very talented man. There is nothing to criticise; every element of this book slots into place as if the characters wrote themselves and were brilliant in every respect. The clever banter and carefully crafted relationships between every person in the book is real and profound. If it sounds like I am being cagey about the plot, that is because I am – I don’t want to give anything away. It is as if I am holding a piece of work so intricate and delicate I could break it simply by looking at it.

More than anything, with ‘The Fault in our Stars’, John Green has transformed the YA novel for me. He has written a book that anyone could read and love and I can see the reason behind his fast-expanding popularity amongst readers and I am sure that this will especially continue to be so after the movie comes out a little later this year.


[Warning: the trailer below can be considered a spoiler in relation to this review. Watch with caution :)]



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