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Sorry I have been so quiet, chaps. Meet one of the reasons why – Hemingway the dog, my toe-nibbling assistant. I have come under fire from some for giving such a little man such a big name, but he will definitely grow into it (and, if I needed a sign, I first went to see him on what would have been Hemingway’s birthday this year)! 


Hemingway the man has always intrigued me. The adventurer, soldier, and writer (above all), who was a famous cat person, is probably rolling in his grave at what I have done, but I take it as some form of confirmation that the only thing that really soothes the adventurousness of the hound is the sound of my fingers clacking away on the keyboard day in and day out.


Shockingly, as much as the man himself may interest me, I hadn’t read any of Hemingway’s books (dismay), so I quickly dusted off my copy of ‘The Sun Also Rises’ from the ‘to be read’ pile and got reading (not that much reading could be done between cleaning up puddles and saving hostage shoes). Last Saturday, I got a glimpse into my future dog ownership that reminds me why the creatures make me so happy. I sat in the sun with a sleeping doggy and read until I did the same. It was heaven.


‘The Sun Also Rises’ immediately struck me as a work that came from the Montparnasse Quarter, a bevy of writers who bounced ideas off one another that became great fiction. It is also a deeply masculine book that deals with love, death, and nature in following the Lost Generation. There are sections of this book I will remember forever; the fishing, the bull fights. I can’t wait to read more of the man… if the dog will let me.


The Sun also Rises


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