The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project


What would you put in a questionnaire for the perfect partner? In the case of Don Tillman, he was quite specific that the person he was going to marry was going to be someone of above average intelligence with a keen sense of punctuality who also definitely had to be a non-smoker.


Don Tillman is the socially inept yet strangely lovable protagonist of this easy, comic book. Bordering on Asperger’s symptoms, his strange quirks seem to doom him to a life alone, but he is on a quest for a partner and this woman should fit his stringent requirements. When Rosie comes into his life, she is the antithesis of what he is looking for, yet he finds himself confused by how deeply he enjoys his time with her. As the two set off on a scientific and personal mission to find Rosie’s father, can Don overcome his rigorous standards and find love?


This is a quick weekend read. Simple, yes; predictable, maybe; addictive and readable, absolutely. I found myself so amused by Don as a character, I had to find out what misadventures ensued. There was also a recognition of Sheldon from ‘Big Bang Theory’ and Temperance Brennan from ‘Bones’ in this character which was all the more amusing.


Ultimately, ‘The Rosie Project’ is about something we can all identify with – the compromise and struggles that come with finding the perfect person, stripping away fear and routine to accommodate another person in our lives, and love – that subject we never tire of reading about no matter what form it takes – and Don Tillman makes it look easy for the rest of us.

Sheldon-Cooper-sheldon-cooper-35231613-480-480 [Picture c/o]


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